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The Isenberg Real Estate Fund (IREF) is a student-run commercial real estate investment group at UMass Amherst. Previously known as the Isenberg Real Estate Advisors, the group was founded in 2019 by a cohort of undergraduate students who wanted to create an organization focused on commercial real estate and providing pro-bono consulting to private clients. Today, the IREF investment process includes leveraging strong connections with general partners to source quality deals, conducting diligent investment analysis through independent research and underwriting models, and ultimately making an investment recommendation to our LP investors for capital deployment. IREF is dedicated to fostering a community of academically exceptional students interested in commercial real estate. We serve as a platform to prepare our members for the commercial real estate industry through conceptual and modeling-based curriculum, career development activities, and live investment analysis as part of an acquisition team.



IREF Facilitated Transactions

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