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UMass Real Estate Club

The UMass Real Estate Club provides members with introductory level education on the fundamentals of commercial real estate and its current markets. Our goal is to give all our members the knowledge base to be able to talk about CRE and how it's impacted by current economic events as they prepare for networking calls and interviews.


Alongside our education through lectures and current event discussions, we also bring in industry guest speakers to provide our members with insight into certain roles and careers as well as valuable advice from experienced professionals. Our trifold approach builds a strong foundation in commercial real estate and a fantastic network of like-minded students eager to learn.


The UMass Real Estate Club, open to all, is a fantastic place to start for any student with any knowledge level interested in any area of real estate. UMREC also serves as the main funnel of new talent for the Isenberg Real Estate Fund (IREF), the premier, selective real estate group at UMass Amherst.


Our Focus

Fundamentals of Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Current Real Estate Trends and News

Career Opportunities and Professional Development

2023 Executive Board

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Noah George
Nico Piazza.jpg
Nico Piazza
Vice President
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ryan kirschner.png
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Natalie Rais
Director of Marketing
Ryan Kirschner
Noah Heinstein
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